If you are like most people who are showing interest in eCommerce, then you have probably asked one interesting question – how many eCommerce websites are there in the world? Before we go into details, let’s highlight the fact that getting exact figures is getting more and more difficult every year. The reason is quite simple – there are new eCommerce websites opened around the globe, hosted on different platforms. So, in this article, we will stick to figures obtained in 2015.

First of all, we will say that this has become a trillion dollar market. The same statistics have shown that people have spent over 1.6 trillion dollars on eCommerce in 2015. The number alone is incredible, but what is even more incredible is that this is a growth of 20% in just one year!

Now let’s check the number of eCommerce websites. According to some experts, the number of eCommerce websites in 2015 was 12 million. Today, it is believed that the number has reached 14 million. Before you jump into making conclusions and start setting up your brand new online store, you should know that just 5% of these eCommerce websites are making more than one thousand dollars a year. This doesn’t sound very encouraging, but don’t forget that we are talking about more than 700.000 stores. Another interesting fact is that just 1% of total eCommerce websites are part of the top one million most visited sites on Alexa.

The reason why we are mentioning web traffic is that revenue and traffic are connected. Obviously, the more traffic you have on your website, the better. Of course, it would be perfect if the visitors that come to your website are genuinely interested in your offer. You can achieve this goal by using the right keywords in the content and by promoting your website on the right platforms.

The eCommerce success includes many elements. For starters, online business owners must have a clear and realistic strategy which will include a market focus. The next step is to build an original brand experience. With so many eCommerce sites out there, it is easy to see why we are sharing this advice.

eCommerce websites looking for success must go mobile too. You can’t expect success if your website is not responsive. Finally, the success is determined by your ability to promote your products and services. It’s the best option to use both paid and free marketing opportunities.