The scientific method is essentially looking at a problem, analyzing it, coming up with a hypothesis and then test the hypothesis, find out if it works, look at the problems it faced, correct them and test it again. This might sound tough and like it has nothing to do with E-commerce marketing but bear with me here and I will tell you exactly why this method works for e-commerce.

1. Ask questions

What you need to do is ask questions about what is currently lacking in the market. What need you could fill with the products you are selling in your store? What are my competitors doing better than me? How do I get more customers to purchases so and so items? All of these questions should be asked and answered. Once you answer these you will know exactly what you have to do.

2. Come up with the plan/your hypothesis

You need to carefully answer all your questions. Figure out what would attract more customers to your e-commerce site, what need you fill that no one else does and how you can market yourself to seem totally indispensable. The answers to these questions will tell you what direction you need to go to. This means you now have a plan, in a way you have developed a testable hypothesis. The next step is to test it out.

3. Test your hypothesis

Once you have come up with a plan you need to implement it to see if it works. If you have come up with several plans for how to increase traffic to your e-commerce site then that works as well as you can run all of these plans one after another and then review which one worked best. Once you have deployed this change and it has been up and running for at least a month, then you can sit back and review the data you have gotten from it. This will tell you what works and what doesn’t and also bring us to our next step.

4. Analyze your results

Now you need to see if the new plan garnered better results than whatever it was you were doing previously. If you had more than one plan, analyze their results and compare what worked best for your e-commerce website. See what worked, what was a total failure and what could be improved upon. This will help you come up with the final plan you will implement; your new hypothesis. For this to be effective you need to work with a good company that offers ecommerce solutions and provides you with reliable date. You can checkout Shopify, they are known to be safe and great at customer service.

5. New hypothesis

Now that you have been equipped with data about what works and what doesn’t, you can come up with a final plan which comprises of things that work and getting rid of those that do not work. If there was something which looked promising after your first run of your initial hypothesis, think about what could make it better and do that. This way you have your new workable hypothesis.

6. Deploy your new plan

After you have come up with your new hypothesis with the relevant tweaks made to the plan. You can deploy it once again. Keep monitoring the results to see if it yields the kind of traffic or sales you desired in return. You can keep make changes to the plan till you think it works well enough for your current goals.

No plan is permanent hence it can and should be changed at all times. This means you need to keep reviewing everything so that you can keep making it better and getting better results!



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